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descriptionLocation based Service (lbs)
last changeTue, 24 Feb 2009 15:19:16 +0000
2009-02-24 Alex Oberhauser Changing the line to parse from $GPGRMC to $GPGGA.... master
2009-02-19 Alex Oberhauser Adding a class which controls the device, refactoring...
2009-02-17 Alex Oberhauser Implementing the GPS parser and fixing the documentation.
2009-02-17 Alex Oberhauser Fixing the compile process for the OpenMoko. (Please...
2009-02-16 Alex Oberhauser Implementing the config parser class and adding notify...
2009-02-15 Alex Oberhauser Adding the raw classes for a gps and config parser...
2009-02-15 Alex Oberhauser Fixing doc
2009-02-15 Alex Oberhauser Deleting the tput statement in the Makefile.
2009-02-15 Alex Oberhauser Begining with the implementation of the framework in...
2009-02-15 Alex Oberhauser Adding two scripts to my repository. check_gpsfix.sh...
2009-02-15 Alex Oberhauser Preparing the for the cross compiling and updating...
2008-10-09 Alex Oberhauser Starting with the implementation (GPS start/stop function).
2008-10-06 Alex Oberhauser Initial commit.
5 years ago master
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